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Wind4All Communities III Inc.

A Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF) created to bring clean, renewable energy to the province of Nova Scotia: We’re planning to invest in two Nova Scotian wind farms.

Our CEDIF is now open for Investment!

Projected internal rate of return of 14%**
Qualifies for up to 65% in Non-refundable Provincial Equity Tax Credits*
RRSP Eligible

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* The 65% Non-refundable Provincial Equity Tax Credit requires a fifteen year hold and is an aggregate of three tax credits: (1) 35% in year one (2) 20% in year five, (3) 10% in year 10). The Additional 20% and 10% tax credits are subject to additional conditions. See Offering Document for more information.
** The projected 14% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to the Security Holders of Wind4All Communities III assumes the investment is held for 25 years. The IRR is calculated on the basis of the net invested capital, and is inclusive of the additional 20% and 10% Non-refundable Provincial Equity Tax Credits granted in year 5 and year 10, respectively, in addition to the anticipated dividends paid out by the Issuer over a 25 year period. See offering document for more information.

Why Invest: Our Story

Since 2012 the Wind4All “family” of CEDIF’s have been creating economic, social and environmental change for Nova Scotian investors and communities:

  • Up to 1,000,000 tons of CO2 offset over the 20 year lifecycle
  • 13.85 million dollars of community investment raised
  • 1,100 investments made

Natural Forces is the Sponsor of the Wind4All Family and to date all 4 of their CEDIF’s have been successfully funded:

  • Wind4All Communities IV: 3 million (CEDIF closed February, 2015)
  • Wind4All Communities II: 3 million (CEDIF closed March, 2014)
  • Wind4All Communities: 5.5 million (CEDIF closed March, 2013)
  • Wind4All: 2.35 million (CEDIF closed February, 2012)

Who is eligible to invest?

All Nova Scotian Residents over the age of 19 are eligible to buy stock in the Wind4All Communities III Inc.

For more Information

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2. Attend an investment event

Investment events are an opportunity to learn more about how an investment in Wind4All Communities III Inc. could benefit you. Events are free but tickets are limited.

*Please note the January 29th event has been rescheduled to February 12.
Join us at The Halifax Central Library, Fifth Floor

Friday February 12, 2016
From 7pm – 9pm
5440 Spring Garden Rd.
Halifax, NS.
Guests use side Queen Street entrance

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