Community Supported. Environmentally Inspired.
Financially Responsible.

We are a family of three companies, created to help shape Nova Scotia’s renewable energy future. With the support of over 800 Nova Scotians, we have invested in four community wind farms located in rural Nova Scotia.

Wind Turbine

Achievements & Aspirations




Hiring local up to 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2 displaced over 20 years Three CEDIF’s: $10.85 million raised
Nova Scotian owned 15.5MW of installed capacity $30 million in operational expenditure over the life of the wind farms

*Based on the development, construction, and operational statistics of the wind farms the Wind4All CEDIFs have invested in (April 2014).

The Fairmont Wind Farm

Proven Results

2012: Wind4All Inc.
Invested in the Fairmont Wind Farm (operational); 2 x 2.3 MW wind turbines currently powering ~1,100 homes. Investor dividends paid to date totalling ~$184,000.

2013: Wind4All Communities Inc.
Invested in the Hillside-Boularderie Wind Farm, a 4 MW wind project, and the Gaetz Brook Wind Farm, a 2.3 MW Wind Farm. Both are schedule to start producing power in the summer of 2014

2014: Wind4All Communities II Inc. Invested in the Aulds Mountain Wind Farm, a 4.6 MW wind project located in Pictou County. This project is scheduled to start producing power in the summer of 2015

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