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The Wind4All team

The Wind4All team

Each company within the Wind4All family is governed by a board of directors, and the appointed officers of the company. However, our investors tell the real story: we are extremely proud that the Wind4All family is comprised of over 1,000 Nova Scotian shareholders, representing CEDIF funds totalling $14.85 million.

Austen Hughes

Austen Hughes, President & Director, the Wind4All family

Austen was born and raised in Great Britain where he obtained a Diploma in Mechanical and Production Engineering, and an Honors Degree in Environmental Management. Shortly after immigrating to Canada in 2003, he started working within the wind industry, initially developing approximately 90 MW of community-sized wind energy projects in Ontario. He moved to Canada’s east coast in 2009 to concentrate his endeavours on Nova Scotia’s wind energy market, primarily focusing on the development of a wind energy portfolio for the provinces Community Feed-in Tariff Program. Austen is also the Vice President – Operations for Natural Forces.

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Natural Forces

Natural Forces is a company based on a strong work ethic and local knowledge of the Maritime Provinces. The aim of the company is to develop the Maritime’s excellent natural resources and to bring with it economic prosperity to the region. They aim to achieve this goal of bringing renewable energy to the Maritime Provinces through partnerships with local and international firms. This ensures that the experience of renewable energy development is both kept in the region while using the latest techniques developed around the world.

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John Brereton

John Brereton, President, Natural Forces

John is a chartered mechanical engineer with over 11 years experience in all aspects of wind energy across Canada, Ireland, the UK, Poland, and the United States. Having completed more than 30 wind farm projects of all sizes from less than 1 MW to in excess of 100 MW, John has a range of project experience both internationally and in Canada. Originally from Dublin Ireland, John moved to Nova Scotia in 2011 and was instrumental in securing the debt financing for the Fairmont Wind Farm. John is also the Vice President and a director of Wind4All Inc. and Communities Inc., and a Director of Wind4All Communities II Inc.

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Kelly Browne, Project Manager, Natural Forces

Kelly has 9 years of direct experience in all aspects of developing and constructing wind farms, from wind monitoring installations to complex grid connection challenges. Kelly manages the preconstruction and construction stages of the project, bringing together the diverse disciplines of planning, electrical and civil engineering, grid regulation, legal and project finance to provide sound projects for our lenders. Kelly is a Professional Engineer in the Province of Nova Scotia. Kelly holds Secretary and Director positions at four CEDC’s, being: Wind4All, Wind4All Communities, Wind4All Communities II and Wind4All Communities IV.

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Andy MacCallum

Andy MacCallum, Vice President, Developments, Natural Forces

Andy has over 6 years of direct experience in developing wind farms, and is the Project Manager for the Fairmont Wind Farm. His experience captures the full development life cycle, from site identification and landowner acquisition, through environmental assessment, planning, permitting, financial modelling, and pre-construction. In addition to developing wind farms in Nova Scotia and Ontario, Andy has experience working on development projects in Australia. Andy is also a director of Wind4All Inc. and Wind4All Communities Inc., and the Vice President and director of Wind4All Communities II Inc.

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Assante Hydrostone

Assante Hydrostone, Exclusive Selling Agents

Assante is a leading provider of wealth management solutions, designed to meet the needs and goals individuals, families and businesses across Canada. Assante Hydrostone is a group of 26 advisors in communities throughout Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, managing over 4,000 clients.

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Ribbon Cutting Celebrations
Ribbon Cutting Celebrations – The Fairmont Wind Farm

Nova Scotia Investors

Since 2012, people from all corners of Nova Scotia have invested from $500 to $50,000, and each of them will own a part of a wind farm. $13.85 million has been raised from over 1,000 investors. Every dollar invested offsets 10 pounds of carbon dioxide every year, and shows their commitment to fighting climate change. Our investor are helping to build Nova Scotia’s renewable energy future while stimulating local jobs and rural communities.