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Who we are

Each company within the Wind4All family was established by Natural Forces Wind Inc. (“Natural Forces”). Natural Forces is a leading renewable energy developer located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their team has over 50 years of combined experience and have worked on more than 40 wind energy projects across 3 continents.

Each Wind4All company has invested the net proceeds of their respective CEDIF in wind energy projects developed by Natural Forces. For example, Wind4All Inc. holds a 35% economic interest in the Fairmont Wind Farm, and Wind4All Communities Inc. holds a 58% economic interest in the Gaetz Brook Community Wind Farm, and the Hillside-Boularderie Community Wind Farm. Each Wind4All company has appointed representatives of Assante Capital Management Ltd. (Assante), to act as exclusive selling agents under the CEDIF Offering. Wind4All, Assante, and Natural Forces are working together to foster rural economic development, whilst providing an investment opportunity for communities across Nova Scotia.

Our Commitment

  • Hiring locally
  • Keeping economic benefit in the local community
  • Contributing to community projects
  • Working with conservation groups
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Inviting community input

About CEDIFs

The Province established the Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF) program to encourage local residents to invest in Nova Scotia businesses. As an incentive, the province offers up to 65% in non-refundable provincial equity tax credits to encourage local investors to participate. The CEDIF program helps to stimulate and keep investment dollars here in Nova Scotia and enables Nova Scotians to invest in wind energy projects that stimulate local economies throughout rural Nova Scotia.

More about CEDIFs

Benefits of CEDIFs

  • 65% non-refundable provincial income tax credit (certain conditions apply)
  • RRSP eligible
  • Help to develop local businesses
  • Helping to build Nova Scotia’s renewable energy future


The Fairmont Wind Farm

Our Turbines – Enercon

We are very conscious of the long term nature of the relationship with the turbine manufacturer of choice, as this goes a long way to protecting our long term financial returns. Enercon are a pioneer and world leader in gearless wind turbine technology and have been manufacturing wind turbines since 1984. With over 17,000 Wind turbines Installed globally they are committed to their customers and offer a comprehensive 12-15 year maintenance package with their wind turbines. We are proud to say that the turbines selected for the Fairmont, Gaetz Brook, Hillside-Boularderie, and the Aulds Mountain wind energy projects are made by Enercon, and this provides confidence for a long term investment.

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